Reviews of Best Invicta Watches in 2020

The Invicta-branded timepieces can be either your daring next fashion accessory or that classic, timeless piece you’ll always feel proud to wear. The name is known for its great designs that attract and satisfy customers, as well as for its engineering. Moreover, consumers love these watches for their prices, one of the most affordable Swiss watches on the market, which can be considerably lower for the discounted old models. To choose one best Invicta watches for your wrist fashion, there might be some factors in your consideration. Are they in good quality? The affordable price might worry some of the shoppers. We created this shopping guide by doing best Invicta watches review from the top-rated models, so to help the Invicta shoppers find their best Invicta without much struggle.

Are Invicta Watches of Good Quality?

This is the question being asked by many, seeing the mixed reviews. With Invicta, the quality range is rather wide. Thus, the brand’s watches can be anything from disappointing to remarkable. Truth be told, the buyer’s knowledge matters. One cannot purchase a cheap piece and expect it to be a top offering from the brand. “You get what you pay for” is definitely valid with the Invicta house, too.

Keep in mind that not all Invictas are made within the same facilities, country or even continent. This results in important differences in craftsmanship, materials, and parts. Check the desired watch’s provenience. Customers have reported problems with the straps mostly because of cheap materials; others claimed the watches came equipped with poor batteries, but that was easy to fix.

The Things to Consider While Buying Invicta Watches

Firstly, you have the budget and the usage aspect to think about. Will you be wearing your watch to the pool or when scuba diving? Are you considering a Subaqua or a Diver’s model? Secondly, you must consider where it was made (China or Taiwan incur different quality standards). Note that some watches look exactly the same, yet there is a substantial price difference between them. The materials, technical aspects, and performance are usually the reason behind it.

You may want to talk to an Invicta watch collector. People who own several pieces can provide an excellent comparison. They know what is worth to pay for and what isn’t. Also, shop around and check the discounts online – Invicta is known for fabulous price reductions. Yeah, many watches fans are fancy with cheap watches that look expensive. Affordable Swiss watches(although bought by American), Invicta, are definitely that type of affordable watches that could meet your luxury expectation.

Best Invicta Watches Review 2020 | Exclusive Buying Guide

You might have your own top 10 Invicta watches. In this table, I personally pick out 10 of best-selling men’s and women’s Invicta watches from and make a clear comparison in terms of vital features, price and reviews rating. If you would like to choose your own Invicta watches after reading this review guide, this top 10 Invicta 2020 chart should be your good shopping entrance.

Top 9 Invicta Watches Reviewed in 2020

Not sure how Invicta watches compare or which ones are the best picks? Have the top choices reviewed below. I hope to help you choose your best Invicta watches with least hassle, if you are still not sure your going after reading my comparison chart above. These short unbiased Invicta reviews would deliver you more convincing:

1. Invicta Men’s 8926 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch

Invicta Men’s 8926OB Pro Diver Automatic Watch is made of stainless steel and is provided with a classic link bracelet. It is one of the timepieces that get sold in great numbers and all reviews appear to be overwhelmingly favorable. The very luminous markers on this round watch create a stunning contrast with its deep black display, consolidating its classic model status. The 40 mm diameter case has a screw-down crown which makes the item, waterproof. You can count on it under water, up to depths of 200 m. It’s got a folding-over safety closure you can rely on. Should you wish to add or remove links, it can be done so with very little trouble at jewelry stores. Read full review of Invicta 8926 watches.

2. Invicta Men’s 9937 Pro Diver Swiss Automatic Watch

The Invicta 9937 Coin-Edge for men from the Pro Diver collection relies on Swiss automatic movement and features a timeless design. Similar to the aforementioned model, it is, however, part of the high-end segment due to its equally stylish and durable materials, as well as to the technology used. Water resistant, powered by moving and durable, this is a watch that’s convenient to wear at all times. Both the band and the case are made of stainless steel and the coin-edge bezel adds a touch of sophistication. Count the window coated in sapphire, the luminous indicators and the striking contrasts of the dial and you have a beautiful high-quality watch that meets the expectations of the most demanding.

3. Invicta Men’s 1090 Russian Diver Rose Gold-tone Stainless Steel Skeleton Watch

There’s pure magnetism in this men’s watch from the Russian Diver Collection. Its “Mechanical Skeleton” dial is a steampunk masterpiece, complimented by the famous coin edge and the oversized crown cap. In this 2011 model (now substantially discounted), the rebel streak is balanced by the Swiss luxurious nature of this watch. It clearly makes a statement, especially considering the black and golden tones combination. The stainless steel case is covered in 18k rose gold and has the window made of synthetic sapphire that doesn’t scratch easily. Concerning its waterproof capacity, it only goes to a depth of 50 m, unlike other Invicta models. Based on the size and the design, this is a watch that must be matched with a user who is equally sophisticated. Be warned though, it isn’t made for small wrists.

4. Invicta Men’s 1088 Russian Diver Stainless Steel and Black Polyurethane Skeleton Watch

The 1088 is the more affordable one in the Russian Diver Collection. The black and silver contrast is played up very well in the strap, as well as on the display. This is spiced up with only very few golden accents placed within, among the highly detailed ornaments of the dial. In spite the lower price, you still get the scratch-resistant sapphire window and the protective crown cap. Waterproof but not suitable to diving under the 50 m level, this is a resistant and reliable mechanical watch featuring the striking intricate design of the collection. It may not be easy to match, but it’s a piece that stands out under all the circumstances.

5. Invicta Men’s 0738 Subaqua Noma III Collection GMT Black Polyurethane Watch

The Men’s 0738 Subaqua Noma III Collection Invicta watch in black polyurethane is worth the investment. The Quartz-based Swiss movement, the 18k gold inserts, GMT function and progressive design recommend it as a state-of-the-art piece. The dial, instead of being contrasting, matches the golden frame with its light mother-of-pearl tone. The many details add dimension and texture. It’s a luxury timepiece exemplifying top-notch Invicta engineering, which will look great in any setting. Plus, it is water resistant up to 500 m. This tastefully designed watch is easy to adjust, but it won’t suit the smaller wrists. It is still a big, spectacular piece that should be worn with confidence.

6. Invicta Reserve Watches, Model 21605, Two-Tone Men’s Casual Watch

If you are looking for a large and gorgeous Invicta watch, this Invicta Men’s model 21605 from Reserve Collection is definitely one of the best you go. It comes with a beautiful and expensive appearance. It is also great quality and one of the best Invicta watches under $500.

This Invicta Men’s Reserve casual watch, Model 21605, features 52mm stainless steel case, Quartz movement as well as 200m water resistant function.You can wear this watch for many surface water sports, professional marine activities, however, not good for diving. It also comes with two-tone band colors: stainless steel and gold.

According to previous customers review, close to 80 percent out of all old buyers give the 5-star rating, which is pretty impressive. There is only one flaw in design I spot from the previous customer. Its knob on the side is too big and not easy to be removed.

Overall, it is a heavy and large watch and perfect for a man with the large wrist. It definitely delivers the sense of luxury and elegance along with the movement of hand wrist. If you would like one luxurious timepiece with the limited budget, this Invicta Men’s Reserve Casual Watch is one of the best you should go.

7. Invicta Men’s 0074 pro Diver 18k Gold-plated Stainless Steel Watch

The Invicta Men’s 0074 pro Diver is really one of the best Invicta watches for men.It comes with 18K gold plated stainless steel case, Japanese quartz movement, and 660 feets/200m water resistant features.The golden tone looking just well define the luxury and elegance for men, not just a timepiece, but also a perfect men’s wrist accessory.

This classic and unique Invicta timepiece is really the watch for men, as it is bold, thick and very heavy, very suitable for the large wrist. If you would like one of the best men’s Invicta watches, as a gift for either your husband, dad or boyfriend, this men’s 0074 pro diver model is absolutely worthy of your research.

Actually, for the price you pay, roughly around 100 dollars, you just could not believe how amazing it is. It looks like one of the most expensive watches, but with very affordable price, so definitely worth of the money you pay for.

I pick this Pro Diver 0074 model for review, mostly due to its stunning sales record. Amazingly, the sales have successfully gained over 400 reviews from old customers, and close to 80% out of them already left the 5-star rating, which is a really impressive record. Overall, people are really happy with this Invicta watch.

8. Invicta Women’s Watches Mako Pro Diver Quartz 8942

If you would like one of best Invicta watches for women under 100 dollars budget, this Mako Pro Diver 8924 is one of your must-have on the list.

The Invicta women’s watches from Pro Diver collection impress the audience with its classic and elegant appearance.  It comes with two tones looking, stainless steel and luxury golden. To equip with strong water resistant capability, up to 200m/660 feet, Mako 8924 watch can not only attract eyes as a dress timepiece but also make wearers enjoy many water sports games.

It also features a screw down crown, battery powered and Japanese Quartz movement. The Mako quartz 8942 watch is mainly made with stainless steel for the long duration. It also comes with date function and luminosity features.

If your wrist is small, you can take out some band links to fit well. Generally, it is a great bargain for a great looking women’s watch. You can buy it for your wife, girlfriend, and any other girl you care much as a gift.

9. Invicta Women’s 0489 Angel Collection Cubic Zirconia-Accented Watch With Black PU Band

At the first sight of this watch, you will definitely fall in love with its stunning elements for girls. It is inlaid with cubic zirconia rounds hour markers. A hollow rose pattern is applied inside to add charming attraction. 18K gold plated the mainframe also appear to be elegant and valuable.

It is suitable for many water surface sports, like swimming and snorkeling, being capable of up to 100m/330ft water resistant.

Another unique feature of this Angel 0489 is its black PU band with the adjustable buckle. It gives the convenience of size adjustment for the different wrist. You can easily find your comfortable fit with the buckle fastening.

Girls just love this watch for its beautiful looking and easy setting for both date and time.

This watch is certainly original and comes with warranty and insurance papers. You can purchase this watch with confidence.

Out of all the brand watches, these are considered the safest buys at the moment. We picked the outstanding ones in Invicta’s leading collections, to provide top samples of what the manufacturer has best to offer. With this 2020 review of Invicta watches, you can easily make a decision and purchase one of the best scoring products from the brand, to keep for yourself or offer as a gift.

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