How to Set Invicta Pro Diver Watch?

Invicta Pro Diver Watch

Invicta is one of the famous brands in today’s market. The people who love the variety and professional designs of timepieces can go into this Invicta. Definitely, it will make your life easy and smarter in every second. Let’s take a deep dive into how to set Invicta pro diver watch smartly?

Smart steps to set Invicta pro diver watch

The stunning collection of the best Invicta pro diver watches gives the stylish look that you want. Take a little journey to know how to set this watch successfully without any struggle.

Time settings

This Invicta watches commonly have 2 positions (position 0 and position 1). Take a look at the procedure to set time,

  • If you pull out the crown to ‘position 1’, then the watch will stop.
  • After that, turn your crown so that you can easily change the time as per your wish.
  • Once you were done the time changes, set the crown into ‘position 0’ so watch will start to run smoothly.

Date and Time settings

Invicta watches come with various designs and features. If you wish to buy the Invicta watches with date and time setting options, you should know how to set it.

Here are the steps for changing the date and time settings,

  • Position 1 is to change the date and position 2 is to change the time.
  • Once you have done your job, pull back the crown to position 0 so that watch starts its process.

Some watches come with a date, time, and day settings. Follow the same procedure that is mentioned above to set day and time.

Keep in mind that to reach the correct date, you should turn the crown into a counterclockwise.

Alarm settings

To set the alarm, follow these steps,

  • Pull out the crown from “position 0 to 1”.
  • Keep turning the crown until you reach yesterday’s Keep one thing in your mind, the watch won’t stop its process in position 1.
  • Once you reach the yesterday date, pull out the crown to position 2. In position 2, you can easily set the alarm. But, the display of your watch changes from alarm time to reference time.

This types of alarm setting watch require few corrections in setting reference time. Basically, the reference time runs in the background of your Invicta watches. This reference time might synchronize with the current time. In case, if it is not synchronized with the current time, then the alarm will be emitted at a different time.

Following are the reference time setting procedures to know more about it in a detailed manner.

In general, there are 3 types of pressing available to set the reference time,

  1. Short pressing: Press the push button less than one second so that the reference time moves forward by the minute.
  2. Medium pressing: If you want to move the reference time by the hour, then press the push button 1-2 seconds.
  3. Long pressing: Long pressing help to release the push button. The time period is longer than 2 seconds.

Note: Observe and set AM/PM correctly while you set the alarm in your watch.

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How to Set Invicta Pro Diver Watch?
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