Invicta 1090 Review-Mens Russian Diver Skeleton Watch


Men’s 1090 Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Skeleton Watch from Invicta’s Russian Diver collection is a prime example of the brand’s ability to come up with exciting and captivating designs. Besides this, it’s plated with 18k rose gold and costs only a fraction of what you’d expect.

This analog, automatic model stands out through the Mechanical Skeleton concept. This refers to a design that exposes the hollow space inside the watch, along with its intricate mechanism, which can be viewed from the front and the back. All has been taken care of: each piece is carefully shaped and ornate to perfection, to create a fascinating Steampunk style effect. The textures, layers and hollow spaces look is a huge step away from the classic designs. This is why it’s called a Skeleton dial. This doesn’t make it an exclusive model though, since it can be matched with a wide range of casual and formal outfits. The watch keeps its masculine edge, with somewhat of an aristocratic feel. To some, it could feel peculiar to wear this intriguing piece.

The rounded stationary bezel has a special appeal to it. Its also got a fine coin edge, like most famous Invicta watches. The dial is numberless – it’s got only lines and dots. To compliment this unusual design, you get the over sized crown with a screwing cap, that’s connected to the cap via a small golden chain to get one more “Wow!” from you. The case is made of stainless steel and is colored in a soft, toned down gold that makes a very stylish contrast with the blacks in this design.

The band is matte in appearance and is made of polyurethane, also featuring metallic links in its center. The clasp holds well and makes it easy to take the watch on and off. Mind you, this is not one of the lightweight models however, with its more than 14 ounces. Size and weight also make this timepiece stand out and it will not feel easy to wear to those who have small wrists or no experience with heavy watches.

One could talk for hours about the design of this piece, but some of the technical aspects should be eventually mentioned, too. Again, Invicta used synthetic sapphire for the dial window. For protection, flame fusion crystal was used. Functioning relies on automatic movement. It isn’t Swiss though, but no one seems to have made a legitimate complaint about it. It is easily powered by the hand movement. You may take this to swimming, but not to diving. The watch is waterproof only to depths of 165 feet or 50 meters.

The 1090 Russian diver is more about showing off, since it’s not exactly comfortable to wear. Ultimately, it could be said about this watch that the current price is also calling for a 5-star review. It’s best bought in person and not online, because the wearer needs to see how they feel about it, since it’s got its unusual weight and design elements.

Invicta 1090 Review-Mens Russian Diver Skeleton Watch
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