Invicta 8932 Review-Men’s Pro Diver Collection Silver-Tone Watch


Men’s 8932 belonging to Invicta’s Pro Diver collection is a luxurious wristwatch launched in 2014. Fresh as it may be, it has been the choice of many customers and it’s currently one of the best-sold watches of the brand. Invicta is known for its top technology and amazing watch designs, as well as for its capability to create watches across many market segments.

Invicta 8932 is different from the other models in the Pro Diver collection, yet it’s being one of the most successful among these. While those Invicta watches are usually based on Swiss automatic movement, this one relies on Quartz, to name the main difference. Bold and certainly big, this is still not as large as the usual diver watches you will see with other brands.

This model is almost entirely made of stainless steel and styled in a masculine classical way. It is smaller than the 8926 model in the same collection. Its classical style recommends it for the more conservative of consumers, as well as for the lovers of a minimal or rugged masculinity.

A little magnifier makes for a big effect: it shows you a bigger date on the dial. Generally, all the details are very luminous and easy to see. A distinct feature is a tightly screwed crown that keeps the water away. You may put this to the test; you’ll see that no condensation takes place whatsoever. Mind this little piece at all times. When the crown is well sealed, the watch is normally water resistant to a depth of 600 feet or 200 meters, which makes it good for divers.

The watch comes with a black dial and silver band and bezel as main design features. The band has 15 mm and the case thickness measures 13 mm, with a diameter of 37 mm. This sturdy case is enriched through a very nice wavy edge that is replacing the regular coin-style edge. The model is made of the same reliable materials favored by Invicta: flame fusion crystal and stainless steel, plus the mineral dial.

There are some downsides, too. The bevel turns in one direction only and it is a bit hard to move at first. Besides, the band is not easily adjustable. Should the bracelet need any repairs, you will have to contact the company’s customer service, which isn’t as helpful as expected. Prepare to wait even a few months to have the issue fixed.

8932 Pro diver is an ideal choice when you are looking for that classic design backed by quality materials and craftsmanship. Also, nowadays it is made even more attractive by the discounted price. Thus, Invicta makes it possible to acquire an interesting, high quality timepiece for a very small cost. You will love its finish above all else and will be able to count on this timepiece as you play sports, swim, dive and so on. It is incredibly affordable and is a good starter if it’s your first buy of this kind.

Invicta 8932 Review-Men’s Pro Diver Collection Silver-Tone Watch
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