Invicta 9937 Review- Men’s Pro Diver Collection Coin-Edge Swiss Automatic Watch


Like all high-end Invicta watches, Men’s 9937 Pro Diver stuns through craftsmanship and design. This automatic watch is based on the Swiss-made movement that keeps time very well when maintained properly. Moreover, it’s got all the common features of the Diver collection, which made Invicta so frequently compared to Rolex.

The 9937 is suitable for very large wrists, yet adjustable to smaller ones too, this can please many and be their watch of choice in most circumstances. Note that it is not a massive piece, but it is still quite heavy. The body is mainly silver in color, but with a contrasting black dial. Both the bracelet and the 10 mm thick case are made of stainless steel. The unidirectional bezel features the famous Invicta coin edge and all the imprints on it are white and simple. The date appears larger due to the magnifying window.

This remarkable dial window is coated with synthetic sapphire for added anti-scratch protection. This coat, however, may make the dial color look different from certain angles. Thus, the black may appear as dark gray but only on a few occasions. While the crystal may not take scratches that easily, the links happen to show some wear lines after a while. This doesn’t mean that the watch is damaged for good – it can take some re-polishing.

Some maintenance tips are surely needed with this model. Be aware that it comes with a screw-down crown that ensures it’s waterproof. You don’t need force or any special skill here – just make sure you screw back the crown tightly whenever you’ve used it. You may keep this watch on a winder during the night; this will boost its power since it tends to fade much quicker than advertised. If you’re not using that, make sure you’re winding the crown sufficient times (more than 25 preferably) to enjoy top performance. It’s automatic, so you can simply power its mechanism through the movement of your arm. No batteries are needed, ever.

This Invicta design is the one that will never go out of style; it’s classic and breathes masculinity and elegance. Still, you can pair this with a casual outfit too, as well as with a sporty one. If you want a watch to take to anything from fancy dinners and meetings to pool visits, then this is the right one. When submerged, it resists up to 200 m (660 feet), so you may count on it during casual scuba diving sessions.

The movement is Swiss Made but the rest of the watch is not made in Switzerland, which has generated some complaints from the fans of the brand. Still, it makes for a good investment. The 9937 Pro Diver is easy to present as a gift because it can suit a multitude of styles and tastes.

The watch is found with a regular retail price of almost $1,300, but now you can have it discounted at only a little over $300. It comes in a yellow, branded gift box and the presentation is flawless.

Invicta 9937 Review- Men’s Pro Diver Collection Coin-Edge Swiss Automatic Watch
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