Invicta Subaqua Noma III Review-Men’s 14500 Chronograph 18k Gold Watch


Invicta created the 14500 Subaqua Noma III Chronograph with successful, daring, high society men in mind, but also with the most fashionable ones. This is an all-golden watch that surely makes a statement whenever is worn. If nothing is too much for you, then you can buy this safely. It’s not one of the cheapest from the brand and really, you wouldn’t expect it to be a bargain when you look at it. After all, it’s entirely covered in 18k gold, including the dial.

Made of stainless steel, this gold-plated watch has a tachymeter scale, subdials, an unidirectional bezel, a small date window and a well-sheltered crown. Its case measures 50 mm and is covered in synthetic sapphire, which is the scratch resistant material of choice for Invicta. The analog display feels a bit cluttered because of the many subdials, imprints, and indicators on it, yet everything is small and delicate enough not to feel overwhelming.

The center links of the bracelet have a beautiful fishnet texture that adds dimension and style. The hands and all the markers are also in gold tones, which make this a superb uniformly colored timepiece. This Subaqua model relies on Swiss quartz movement so it will call for battery replacements. It performs well when submerged, as the collection suggests. No worries when diving – it can go well to depths of 500 m or 1640 ft, far superior to other Invicta collections. Besides, because it’s made in Switzerland, you can make sure it’s of outstanding quality, unlike the outsourced models Invicta sometimes supplies.

The 14500 was released in 2011 and is a heavy, very big model for solid wrists. There’s no compromise in its golden shine. It can never go unnoticed so beware – this isn’t a piece for men who want to be humble and discreet. It is truly a very inspired creation that spells luxury. An all-gold watch may sound effeminate, but this one surely isn’t. It’s got robust lines and a solid built, not to mention its impressive size. This is why it would be best to try it on at first or at least see a few customer photos online, to figure out how it would suit you.

Without exaggerations, it is perfect from one end to another. Of course, there could be issues with the length of the bracelet, but this can be fixed if you return the watch or have a professional modify that. The fit is really important here, considering the dimensions and visibility of such adornment. You wouldn’t want to look ridiculous wearing this. After all, it will probably be the flashiest accessory you’ve acquired.

Sure it may take a bit of courage to wear the Invicta 14500 Subaqua, but it can ennoble its wearer in an instant. Pair it with elegant, minimal outfits to make it stand out. Why buy an ordinary watch when you can have this one matched to your outfits and enjoy its gorgeous shine?


Invicta Subaqua Noma III Review-Men’s 14500 Chronograph 18k Gold Watch
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